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Welcome to Day One as a Cosmos X™ employee!

Day One is a stealth-exploration-puzzle game. You're a new employee in one of the asteroid mining facilities owned by Cosmos X™. Take your time to learn your day-to-day work routine. Find ways to sneak around without guards noticing. Explore and learn about the world - how can you use it to your advantage?

Day One is made by Dor Gidony, Keren Schneider, Itai Valach, Yahel Gamliel and Ido Lazer.

Music was done by Ben Lazer.

Special thanks to Tomer Barkan and MakeGamesJLM!

Install instructions

Download zip file, extract it into a folder and run the file "Day One.exe"


Day One.zip 357 MB
Improved Prototype (Old) 130 MB
First Prototype (Old) 23 MB


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nice game! maybe you should add a little bit more story for after the escape.

the movement felt a little bit whierd like sometimes I clicked and it wouldn't go. overall incredible game + I really like the art

Thank you for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it!